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Got a stinker of a Scrabble hand? Just can’t get that last clue in your crossword? Or just want to soundly beat your opponents in Words with Friends?

We’ve put together what we think is a really useful – and educational – little set of tools which are especially handy if you like word games of any kind, but are still a lot of fun even if you dont!

Word Soup consists of two main tools:

The ‘W!ldC@rd Word Solver‘, and ‘Words from Letters‘.

Both tools return search results from a built in dictionary of over 175,000 words, and will provide full dictionary definitions of most of these words if you’re connected to the internet (only viewing definitions requires a connection). If for some reason we don’t have a definition for you, we even offer you the possibility to look up the definition via Google automatically.

  • W!ldC@rd Word Solver‘ is perfect for crossword puzzles, hangman etc, where you know the length of the word and some of the letters.

For example, enter ‘s–t–n’, and it’ll return a list of 7 letter words that match. In fact, to be precise, it will return 13 for this particular search: suction, smitten, subteen, shotgun, stetson, station, sustain, sixteen, section, saltpan, saltern, sextain.

  • Words From Letters‘ does exactly what you’d expect: enter any collection of letters, a word, a phrase, or anything you like, really, and it will return every word that you can make by using each of those letters once. This makes it perfect for Scrabble, Words with Friends or, well, pretty much any word game you care to think of – as well as solving anagrams (to solve an anagram, enter your letters, and simply slide the minimum length slider up to maximum!)
  • Words From Letters‘ also allows you to filter your results by word length – perfect for getting back just the highest scoring words.
  • It also provides a complete breakdown summary of how many words of a given length were found for your search term.
  • It’s also a lot of fun to just play around with. Try your name, your favourite band or artist, sports club, or anything else you like to see how many words you can make from it! We even offer some suggestions within the app on some word games you can play with your friends using Word Soup itself!


  • Easy to use word tools
  • User filtering of search results
  • Huge built in dictionary (over 175,000 words!)
  • Fast Dictionary searching
  • Full summary breakdown of search results
  • Instant viewing of search results
  • In-app Definitions for most words (internet connection required for this feature)
  • Automated Google definition lookup for the few words where an in-app definition cannot be found.
  • Comprehensive in-app documentation, including suggestions for games you can play with friends just using the tools provided!


  • Our dictionary contains over 175000 words. We can’t guarantee that every word we offer will be accepted by your word game… or your Scrabble opponent! Although the in-app definitions might help you convince an opponent, we can’t do much about word games with inferior dictionaries ;)
  • we can’t be held responsible for any verbal or physical abuse you might get when caught cheating at word games…

As always, we’re interested in your thoughts and feedback!

Word Soup is available right now on iTunes!

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