Update Based On Player Feedback

We’d like to thank the few players that have contacted us with feedback in the last day or two. Keep it coming! We have today submitted an update to Hungry Birdz and Hungry Birdz FREE in response to that player [...]

Hungry Birdz Goes Cheep! err. Cheap!

SALE! We are surprised and delighted by response to the release of Hungry Birdz FREE – in just over one day, it’s reached the Top 100 Free Games in a number of countries, and Top 50 in others! To celebrate, [...]

Two Plus Two Equals..?

We’ve had very little feedback from Hungry Birdz, despite the fact that many people out there are playing it, but we knew that Hungry Birdz FREE would generate the inevitable slew of 1 star reviews and throw away comments that [...]

Hungry Birdz FREE now on the App Store!

We’re pleased to announce that Hungry Birdz FREE is now available on the iTunes stores world wide! Hungry Birdz FREE lets you experience all three game play modes of Hungry Birdz; Arcade, Nature and Survival. Each allows you to play [...]

Hungry Birdz v1.1 Now Live

Hungry Birdz v1.1 is now available on the iTunes store. Still waiting on Hungry Birdz FREE to enter the review process. For details, please see previous post.

Hungry Birdz Spreads Its Wings

Hungry Birdz Spreads Its Wings

We thought we’d share our international sales chart with you. Admittedly it’s early days yet, since Hungry Birdz has been on sale for under two weeks, but we found the spread quite interesting!

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