Hungry Birdz FREE and Update v1.1

We’re happy to report that we’ve just submitted an update to Hungry Birdz to Apple for review, which should hopefully go live in the next day or so. The update includes: Bug fixes, game play tweaks and balances New ‘Quick [...]

The most fun you can have with your finger and a bird!

We’d like to thank the author of the 5 star review that we received in Canada for Hungry Birdz for the best laugh we’ve had in a while; the review was entitled “The most fun you can have with your [...]

Frantic Finger Tapping Fun!

We said in a previous post that we knew that we wouldn’t get everything perfect first time, and it seems we were right Some of our early feedback suggests that we might be confusing people with Too Much Information about [...]

Visit us on your mobile!

With all the excitement of the release of Hungry Birdz, we forgot to mention that this site now looks rather spiffy on your mobile phone or pda! The mobile version loads automatically with most mobile devices for easy reading and [...]

Winging It!

Phew! It’s been a frantic few weeks here at Shark Soup Studios, and I’d like to say we had time to sit down and take a breather, but I don’t see that happening! It was perhaps even more frantic than [...]

Hungry Birdz Game Play Video – Arcade/Nature

We’ve uploaded a new video showing the game play of Hungry Birdz Arcade and Nature modes. Feed, protect and fledge your birds, making sure that they don’t get poisoned, starved or snatched by swooping hawks!

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