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Hungry Birdz is available on the iTunes store now!

Hungry Birdz is the first game release from new independent game developers Shark Soup Studios, designed for iPod Touch and iPhone. Read all about it here – or scroll down for screen shots and videos!

Hungry Birdz – Frantic Finger Tapping Fun!

In Hungry Birdz, you must nurture your little chicks until they are ready to fly the nest at 5 days old. You must make sure they have enough to eat each day and protect them from predators.

Feed Them!

Simply tap a bird to feed it the highlighted food at the bottom of the feed chute. Watch what you’re feeding them, though! Not all ‘food’ is good! It can get pretty frantic when you have many birds and not a lot of time!

Protect Them!

Beware of hawks – give them a whack and send them on their way!

Fledge Them!

A 5 day old (black colored) chick will fly the nest if it survives it’s 5th day, giving you a healthy score bonus!

More About Hungry Birdz:

  • Frantic Finger Tapping Fun!
  • Protect Them!
  • Feed Them!
  • Fledge Them!
  • Sacrifice Them For The Greater Good!
  • Their Lives Are In Your Hands!

Features Include:

  • Customiseable game types to suit every kind of player; Select your own combinations of difficulty, game goals and game length, for anything from leisurely ‘coffee break’ game to the most frantic ‘campaign’!
  • Vibrant, colorful, hand drawn animated visuals immerse you in the action
  • Saves your progress automatically
  • High score tables for every game type
  • Ongoing updates planned to add new features, game modes and more!

Three different modes of play:


You will have to rely on instinct and memory to get your birdz fed. Your only hint is the legend on your screen.


Here you have a little help. First, each bird will tell you how much food they still need – (if you try to overfeed them they will refuse to eat). Secondly, food shows up in a particular sequence each day of your game. Knowing this, you can plan ahead!


Forget feeding! Just keep those hawks away from your birds and fledge as many as you can. If all birds have been taken by hawks it’s game over! Fast and frantic fun, you can rack up huge amounts of points!

Game Goals…

Number of Birds Fledged

How quickly can you fledge your chosen amount of birds, and how many points can you make while doing it?

Number of Birds Died

How many birds can you fledge before you lose your chosen amount of birds to poisoning, starvation or hawks?

Number of Days to Play

How many birds can you fledge and how many points can you make within your chosen number of days?


Tested on all generations of iPod Touch and iPhone, OS 3.0 and above.

Hungry Birdz Teaser Trailer:

Hungry Birdz Game Play – Arcade and Nature Modes:

Hungry Birdz Game Play – Survival Mode:

Hungry Birdz has it’s own Facebook page – follow us there!

We welcome feedback! If you have anything at all you would like to say to us, please use our feedback page!

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