Jab A Jelly


Jab A Jelly: Jellies Get Physical!

Available on the App Store now!



Don’t panic! Jelly should be enjoyed and not rushed! That’s the key to success in Jab A Jelly, our brand new physics based action game!

Jab A Jelly is a highly original matching game… if you throw out all the rules you know about matching games!

The colourful jumping, jiggling jellies are determined to fight and fidget their way out of becoming your next dessert, and only a keen eye and your best jabbing finger will put them in their place: back on our plates! Yum!


  • Universal App: optimised high res graphics for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Retina devices.
  • All-action physics based fun! Jab those jiggling jellies to pop them, and try to make the purest, strongest jelly you can!
  • Challenging challenges! Each new level brings with it a new bonus goal and introduces new challenges and ‘toys’  – some good, some bad!
  • Facebook Integration: Post and compare your individual challenge scores or your overall game scores with any of your Jab A Jelly playing friends on our Facebook Friends Leaderboards.
  • High Scores: As well as online leaderboards, Jab A Jelly has local high score tables for every challenge level and Overall game scores, so you can challenge your friends on your device as well as online!
  • Two modes of play: Play through every challenge in a ‘Campaign‘ mode, or simply play any unlocked level via the Challenges menu. Challenges unlock as you complete the previous challenge – so you never have to play through the campaign mode to play! Of course, only by playing campaign mode can you post those huge cumulative overall scores!

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