Jab A Jelly Hints, Tips and Strategy Guide!


Here we’ll be showing you how to maximise your scores and soundly beat your friends at Jab A Jelly!

Jab A Jelly is ridiculously simple to play: at it’s most basic level, you only need to be able to spot and pop groups of 5 of any colour – and, ultimately, end up with more cubes of the colour jelly you’re tasked with making on each level, in order to succeed!

However, as the challenges progress in difficulty, and as new challenge goals are introduced, you need to learn their subtle differences and adapt your tactics to ensure the highest possible scores.

And that is what this page is about! So if you would rather figure your winning Jab A Jelly tactics out for yourself, then read no further, ‘cuz there be…



Of course, it’s important to maximise your score for all the Jellies you pop on each challenge level as you play, but just as important is fulfilling the individual bonus objectives that each challenge level presents for some very hefty bonuses!

Strong Jelly

Jelly Strength Bonus

Of course, you absolutely must make the right colour jelly by the end of Jelly Time, or it’s an instant fail! Making jelly is, after all, the point of the game! :)

What you might not know, though, is that the strength of your jelly matters a lot; the number of Jellies of your Jelly Goal colour that are left at the end of Jelly Time makes a huge difference to your score!

Conversely, the purity of your jelly matters, too! The number of jellies left at the end that are NOT your Jelly Goal colour subtracts from your Jelly Strength bonus!

So your aim is to always have a nice, strong, pure jelly! For which you’ll earn lots of points and a shiny gold star! Yay!

Pure JellyJelly Time!

If you make it through a challenge without your jug spilling over, it’s not quite over just because the timer reached zero! At the end of each challenge, you have a few seconds of Jelly Time!, while the jug fills up to turn your water soluble little cubic friends into luvverly jelly!

During Jelly Time, the rules are a little different: You need to jab each of those pesky stray Jelly Cubes that don’t match your Jelly Goal colour to try and make the purest jelly you can! Remember, the strength and purity of your jelly are all important for those big scores!



Bonus Goals

As well as your jelly colour goal, every challenge comes a new individual goal. Many of these will earn you a cool 1000 points for achieving the goal, but some are scored on how well you do!

For example, on each challenge where a new jelly colour is introduced, not only is that colour your jelly colour goal, so not only do you already earn a bonus for your jelly strength, but your Bonus Goal scores you a further 100 bonus points for every cube of the new colour jelly left! As the bonus describes: “You can’t really lose … unless you lose.”

So, always take note of your bonus objective!


So, as you know, you can succeed by simply popping any 5 coloured Jelly Cubes as they drop into your jug.. err… screen. However the real points come when you earn multipliers (unlocked in challenge 2) and then when you start chaining those multipliers together (unlocked in challenge 3)!

Multipliers are easy to earn! You get a multiplier just by popping more Jelly Cubes in a single tap! you get a 2x multiplier for popping 7. A 3x for popping 9, up to a 5x multiplier! And yes, that simply means you get your multiplier multiplied by the score you would have got for each jelly popped!

So, don’t just go for your groups of 5 as soon as they appear! Play it cool, wait a while, let the jug fill up a bit! The more you pop, the more you score!

Chained MultipliersChain Multipliers

Oh yeah! Now here’s where it gets really interesting! If you get multiple multipliers (still following?) in quick succession, you chain them, to multiply your total score for the pop for a second time beyond what you would score for each Jelly Cube!

Yup! Thats (Points Per Cube * Number of Cubes * Multiplier * Chain Multiplier) points per pop, baby!

What’s more, chain multipliers aren’t capped, either! As long as you can keep scoring those multipliers (ie, pop more than 7 at a time!) one after the other, that chain just keeps on rising! (There are a couple of things that can break a multiplier chain. We might tell you what they are later :p )

So, as we already said, play on the edge a little, let that jug fill up, pop big groups, and you can earn mega points!


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  1. Handy tips, thanks! Now I’ll be able to make wondrously strong and pure jelly.

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