Stacked Sevens


Stacked Sevens is available on the iTunes store now!

Stacked Sevens… the tile-dropping dice-stacking puzzle game where you can have a stack of fun stacking dice to earn a stack of points if you can beat the odds that are stacked against you!

Stacked Sevens is our addictive new puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch, available right now from the iTunes store!

How To Play:

  • Combine (stack!) dice on the board to make a tile space equal seven, which clears that space.
  • Simply tap in a column to drop the next dice… dice stack automatically.
  • ‘Wild’ dice will always make 7 when stacked with the dice below it.
  • Bombs let you clear a dice of your choice that has already been dropped on the board.
  • Trash lets you discard the active dice before you play it.

Game Play Modes:

Stacked Sevens has three different game play modes, each of which can be played on 3 different sized game boards:

  • Classic Stacked Sevens – Drop dice into columns… if they add up to 7 or less, they are combined – or stacked – in a single tile space. When a tile space totals 7, that space is cleared.
  • TimeOut - Plays exactly the same as Classic, with the exception that if you don’t choose where to drop the next dice within a short time, it is dropped automatically into whichever column has the active traffic light when your time runs.
  • Straight Sevens – This plays a little differently to the previous modes;  in Straight Sevens you cannot stack more than two dice in a tile space UNLESS they make 7! Quite obviously, then, it’s quite a lot harder to keep your game board clear in this game!

Gameplay Video:


We have an extensive Strategy/Tips page right here for Stacked Sevens, but be aware that if you’re the kind of person that likes to discover your own strategies, it might include a few ‘spoilers’! Of course, if you’re the kind of person who wants to know how to really increase your game scores, read it now! ;)

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  1. Just wanted to add my tuppence to this.

    Even though you will be obsessed trying to beat your scores, try and remember to give us some feedback on itunes in between games. ;)


    Mike R

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