Our first utility, and first universal app, Word Soup, hit App Stores worldwide this weekend, and we’ve been pleased by the feedback and the reviews we’ve been able to read… mostly.

A number of people took the time to hit that convenient ‘Word Soup Support’ button at the top of the App’s page, and we have quickly addressed each and every one of their issues in the new release. Some are bugs that didn’t come across in testing, and some are just clarifying the workflow a little better for user friendliness. As I’m sure you’re aware, no matter how much testing you do, you can’t predict those strange little issues (and ways that we hadn’t thought of to use the app!) you will inevitably get when you release it into the wild in 100+ countries.

Other than that, we have 5 stars across the board except in our home country, where the only review so far highlights a bug… which we have now fixed and uploaded the update to Apple. It does grate a little that it’s somehow easier to take the time to rate the app one star and moan about a problem in the text of a review than to hit  the ‘Support’ button and tell us directly. But that’s par for the course on the app store it seems.

The thing is, while you can complain ‘in public’ about a problem, the only people who can’t see that is us, the developer!!! It’s only because this particular comment was in our home country app store that we could see it and act on it. No thanks to that particular user… we’re taking bets that they don’t take the time to re-rate the app when our update fixes that particular issue tomorrow :/

Still, we’re not letting one moaning minnie dampen our enthusiasm! And, as always… feedback is most welcome, and we WILL act on it if we can see it. So talk to us!

If you choose the other route and publically trash our app when you could have used the correct channels to report an issue with the same effort, then we are perfectly justified in calling you a moaning minnie on our website in return! :p

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