We’re happy to report that we’ve just submitted an update to Hungry Birdz to Apple for review, which should hopefully go live in the next day or so.

The update includes:

  • Bug fixes, game play tweaks and balances
  • New ‘Quick Start Guide’
  • New graphical enhancements for Arcade game type
  • ‘Mob Attack!’ – if it’s about to get seriously manic in the Survival Game, you get a little warning!

We have also submitted for review Hungry Birdz FREE, which lets you experience all three game modes: Arcade, Nature and Survival. Each allows you to play through 5 days of the game, and includes all the features of Hungry Birdz 1.1, and specific High Score tables for Hungry Birdz FREE.

Of course, in the full version of Hungry Birdz, we give you the freedom to play Hungry Birdz however you like from numerous game play options, including 3 Difficulty levels, 3 Game Goals (‘Number of Birds Fledged’, ‘Number of Birds Died’, ‘Number of Days Played’), and 5 different game lengths for the Arcade and Nature games (Survival, of course, lasts as long as you can protect your birds!).

If you haven’t already tried Hungry Birdz, we hope you’ll give Hungry Birdz FREE a try! We’re sure you’ll love it! :)

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