Originally priced at $2.99, we are permanently dropping the price of Hungry Birdz to 99 cents!

Also, we have removed the FREE version of Hungry Birdz from the iTunes store for a couple of reasons;

Firstly, we just think it’s far less necessary for a 99 cent/59 pence game than it is for a $2.99 game. We’d rather hope that people will just take a chance on the game, which we assure you is a lot of fun! :)

Secondly, as I explained a while back, we’ve been of the opinion for some time that  ‘Hungry Birdz FREE’ really didn’t do Hungy Birdz the full game justice. Hungry Birdz FREE was an attempt to demonstrate Hungry Birdz while trying to stay within Apple’s odd rules for ‘lite’ apps, and that meant that we had to essentially change the whole end-game scenario for the free version, and this in turn means that you really don’t get a good sense of how the game plays, or how the dynamics change as you fledge and hatch new birds, or depending on how well you’re doing.

As I said before, we’re pretty new at all this, and we’re bound to make mistakes. We think Hungry Birdz FREE was one of those mistakes. Of course, NOT having Hungry Birdz FREE might prove a mistake instead, but time will tell and we’ll likely find out soon enough!

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