I am happy to report that our new physics based action game, Jab A Jelly: Jellies Get Physical, is available now on iTunes and App Stores worldwide!

Jab A Jelly is a highly original matching game… if you throw out all the rules you know about matching games! The colourful jumping, jiggling jellies are determined to fight and fidget their way out of becoming your next dessert, and only a keen eye and your best jabbing finger will put them in their place: back on our plates! Yum!

A universal release, Jab A Jelly features crisp, colourful optimised high resolution graphics whether you’re on an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Retina device.

Jab A Jelly is the perfect coffee break game for jelly loving kids from 9 to 90! (We’re obliged to state a lower limit of 9 because asking you to jab expressive cartoon jelly cubes earns us a 9+ rating on the App Store for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon Violence!)

Jab A Jelly lets you post and compare your individual challenge scores or overall game scores with any of your Jab A Jelly playing friends on our Facebook Friends Leaderboards, and has local high score tables for every challenge level and Overall game scores, so you can challenge your friends on your device as well as online!

If you haven’t seen it yet, do check out our game trailer:

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