We never really intended to make utilities, but that’s exactly what we’ve gone and been and done! Our new universal utility, ‘Word Soup: Word Game Solver Tools‘ for iPhone, iPod and iPad will be coming to the Apple App Store very soon! We’ll letcha know right here the moment it’s available.

Word Soup came about because we are in the process of writing a completely new kind of word game, which required a bespoke ‘word engine’. This evolved into an extremely powerful set of tools which we were using for level design, but proved so entertaining and useful in other real world scenarios (mostly the wife using it to cheat at crosswords…) that we decided to build them into a fully featured app.

Word Soup will be of particular interest to people who play absolutely any word games, from hangman, crosswords, Scrabble or any of the multitudes of word games available for your iDevice. It’s also a lot of fun – and educational – just to play around with!

Read about the app here.

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  1. Great! I enjoy playing word games and can’t wait for this tool. I promise I won’t use it to cheat though! I hate it when I’m close to solving a puzzle and only have one turn left but multiple options for different letters. At least this tool will give me to opportunity to see what some of my options might be.

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