With our second original game release just out for sale and a brief moment to pause and reflect, we’re almost beginning to feel like we wouldn’t be cheating if we were to start describing ourselves as game developers! :)

We’re very happy with Stacked Sevens. We think that we’ve come up with an original tile puzzle game that, if we can boast unashamedly for a moment, we think feels like an ‘instant classic’. It’s easy to pick up and play, very addictive, and we think it looks pretty polished, with some original graphics and a pleasing UI. To be honest, we’re feeling quite accomplished at the moment!

Mainly that’s because neither of us have any real previous experience of game design or development. We’ve both dabbled with various ‘game creator’ type packages, and stuff like darkBasic, but it really was just dipping a toe in the water. Before Hungry Birdz, neither of us had designed and developed a ‘real game’ before, from scratch to finished product.

Game visuals have proved quite easy, really, because we’re both arty people and have always played around with all sorts of graphics software and so feel quite at home doing the graphics once we’ve finally come up with a theme or concept. Although that does mean there are quite a lot of arguments over who is going to do the fun bits while the other codes the game engine. Especially when one comes up with some clever visual idea that turns out to be hellish for the other to implement. ;)

Actually, coming up with game ideas and mechanics really hasn’t proved too tough, either. We’re always bouncing ideas off each other and they just evolve through general banter. In fact, the trouble comes in deciding which project to actually work on. Which quite often comes down to ‘which of our crazy and grand ideas can WE actually pull off?’ :p

Honestly, if we were to develop every game we’ve dreamed up and put on our ‘that just HAS to be made!’ list, it would take years. And that’s after you discount all the ones that we just wouldn’t be able to manage for ourselves, either because they’re just too much work for a two man team or because we simply don’t have the experience yet to be able to code them ourselves.

But hey, it’s a learning experience, and we’re learning stuff all the time. Unfortunately, every time we learn something new it ends up spawning a half dozen more game ideas! ;)

So like I say, we’re just about getting used to the idea that we are really game developers now, and hopefully, over the coming months, we’ll be able to add to our modest portfolio of games, and of course we won’t be forgetting our existing games if updates are required.

Don’t forget, as we stress often here, we’re always open to constructive feedback, suggestions or criticisms, because we’re just starting out at this, and I’m sure we will inevitably make a few mistakes along the way… and of course we will only know what you want, like or don’t like if you tell us! Note, I said ‘constructive’, so ‘ur gaem sux’ doesn’t really count, because it doesn’t tell us anything we can use. Whereas if you come up with a suggestion or make some feedback we like, you stand a pretty good chance of getting it if we possibly can!

Anyways, I’ve waffled on enough… I’d better get back down to my dungeon and write some code… >.>

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