Yes! It’s here! Our brand new game, Stacked Sevens, is now available on the iTunes app store for the paltry sum of 59p (or 99 cents)!

Stacked Sevens on iTunes

It showed up mere seconds ago, so if for some reason it’s not yet available on the iTunes store in your country, please give it a little while and try again. We’re sure it’ll all be fine, even if it is Friday 13th. We reason that any bad luck a Friday 13th launch date might bring, if we had any paraskavedekatriaphobic tendancies,  is surely counterbalanced by the fact that the number seven is considered lucky in many cultures? ;)

You know, it’s really not often you get to use the word paraskavedekatriaphobic. Which is probably just as well, since I have no idea how to pronounce it, and had to look up how to spell it.

Where was I again? Oh, right. Stacked Sevens is out now!

Please buy! buy! bye bye! :D

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