The final version of Stacked Sevens has just been compiled and is in the hands of our beta testers for one last bash – although they’ve had the latest build every time we’ve compiled one, so I don’t foresee any issues – and we hope to submit it for approval to Apple within the next 24 hours!

Yeah, I know I said like two weeks ago we hoped to submit it within the week, but we decided to add some extra spit ‘n’ polish to the game, partly because we wanted it to look and feel as good as we could make it, and partly because we had some really good suggestions from our beta testers, which also resulted in an interesting new game mechanic that we think works really well.

We’re very pleased with our efforts… it just remains to be seen if the game playing, iPod and iPhone owning public feel the same :)

We’ll get some more screenshots and gameplay videos up as soon as we can!

Oh, and when it goes on sale, Stacked Sevens will cost 59p in the UK, and 99 cents in the US.

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