We’d like to thank the author of the 5 star review that we received in Canada for Hungry Birdz for the best laugh we’ve had in a while; the review was entitled “The most fun you can have with your finger and a bird!”.

We sincerely wish we’d thought of that as a tagline as opposed to ‘Frantic Finger Tapping Fun!’, but we’re not sure we’d have retained our age 9 and over rating in the app store ;)

The review goes on to say “Wow this game is awesome. I wasn’t expecting much. But I took the plunge I was so stoked I did. Nothing is going to prepare you for the fun factor other than simply playing it. I also loved the graphics will they offer the graphics as desktop backgrounds on their website? I do hope so”.

Thanks for the kind words! Our immediate priority is getting Hungry Birdz version 1.1 completed, but we’ll certainly have a look at getting those Hungry Birdz onto your desktop in the near future!

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