We’ve had very little feedback from Hungry Birdz, despite the fact that many people out there are playing it, but we knew that Hungry Birdz FREE would generate the inevitable slew of 1 star reviews and throw away comments that you see under most every free game on the app store. We were also hoping it would generate some useful feedback we could actually work with. Feedback or no, we are very happy to see we have also received a number of 5 star ratings on various stores, and that people are evidently enjoying playing.

In fact, our first one star ‘review’ just leaves us perplexed! It seems that our reviewer did not understand the basic concept of Hungry Birdz. That concept is: ‘add together two or more numbers to arrive at a total’. Instead, they publicly write off our game as apparently broken (although we did note that they still thought it could be fun!).

The review reads: “Needs Work… This game could be fun, except that once a bird reaches day 4 their food never shows up. I played for nearly 30 minutes and it never showed up.”

It’s unfortunate that you can’t contact people that leave reviews of your games on the iTunes store, so that we could address this to the reviewer in question, but we can’t. So we’ll exercise our right to reply here and hope that they see it!

In Hungry Birdz, a 4 day old bird requires 7 food. The highest value food in Hungry Birdz is 5. So to feed your four day old bird, you can feed it, say, a 5 and a 2. or perhaps a 5 and two 1′s, or maybe a 4 and a 3, or a 4 and a 2 and a 1, or even two 3′s and a 1. I’m sure you’re getting the picture now. Add numbers together til they make 7…

What perplexes us more is how this reviewer ever got to have a 4 day old chick in the first place, given that a 3 day old bird requires 6 food – which means to have his 3 day old chick survive to day 4 they must have added together two or more food to reach 6!

If this concept, or any other aspect of Hungry Birdz is difficult to understand we would REALLY love to hear from you. We’re constantly asking for feedback on the game, because we want to make it the best game we can.

We also hope that you wont be put off by factually incorrect ‘reviews’ reporting that there is a problem with the game and that you’ll try it for yourself!

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