We’d like to thank the few players that have contacted us with feedback in the last day or two. Keep it coming!

We have today submitted an update to Hungry Birdz and Hungry Birdz FREE in response to that player feedback, which we hope will go live very soon.

Improvements are as follows:

  1. Arcade mode visual tweak to improve viewing of ‘food requirements’ per bird
  2. Much improved touch response when ‘whacking hawks’ in all game modes… especially useful in Survival Game! :)
  3. Fixed a bug where if you whacked a hawk in Arcade/Nature while directly over a bird it would also feed the bird your selected food – particularly infuriating if you had ‘bad food’ selected and killed your bird!

On that second point, we’ve managed to vastly improve our own High Scores in Survival mode! Let’s see how it improves yours! Happy hawk whacking! ;)

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