Update 1.02 of Word Soup is now available for download!

The update contains the following changes:

  • Added a ‘Feedback’ button into the documentation that links to the feedback form on our website, so that offering feedback or suggesting a new feature is even easier!
  • Added to the in-app documentation, including describing how to use ‘Words From Letters’ to solve anagrams (simply put, slide the minimum word length slider all the way to the right!)
  • Solver Tool now presents results in alphabetical order automatically.
  • Added a toggle button to ‘Words From Letters’ to allow sorting of results alphabetically, and/or by Word Length (Ascending or Descending)

So you can now sort by:

  • A to Z, disregarding word lengths
  • Word Length Ascending, then Alphabetically (ie, words are grouped by 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter etc, but ordered A-Z in those groups)
  • Word Length Descending, then Alphabetically (because we figure you may very well want the highest scoring words first!)

Note: Specifying a sort on a very long list of search results may produce a slight delay on pressing the ‘Results’ button because, well, it’s sorting first! ;)

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