Solve Anagrams!

We’ve had a few people suggest that we include an anagram solver within our Word Soup app. The fact is, it can already do exactly that! Here’s how: Enter your sequence of jumbled letters into the ‘Words From Letters’ tool. [...]

Update Update...

Update Update…

After 5 days in the queue and 10 minutes in review, the update to Word Soup: Word Game Solver Tools is now live on the App Store. If you have Word Soup v1.0, it is highly recommended you update! If [...]

Moving On Up!

Moving On Up!

We’ve obviously been monitoring our new app, Word Soup, quite closely since it’s release. We were very happy to see it featured as one of the 20 apps that get listed in the frontĀ feature page under ‘New’ for the Entertainment [...]

A (Mostly) Good Launch!

A (Mostly) Good Launch!

Our first utility, and first universal app, Word Soup, hit App Stores worldwide this weekend, and we’ve been pleased by the feedback and the reviews we’ve been able to read… mostly. A number of people took the time to hit [...]

Word Soup Update Submitted - Thanks For Your Feedback!

Word Soup Update Submitted – Thanks For Your Feedback!

An update for Word Soup has been submitted to Apple to address some minor issues that users have reported. Thanks very much to those that took the time to submit feedback to us through the proper channels. If you find [...]

Word Soup - Available Now!

Word Soup – Available Now!

Word Soup has now hit the Apple App Stores worldwide! A universal app, it’s available for your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and for a very, very, very limited time… it’s absolutely FREE! Get it now! Why are you still [...]

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