Our Next Release Isn't A Game! Word Soup Coming Soon!

Our Next Release Isn’t A Game! Word Soup Coming Soon!

We never really intended to make utilities, but that’s exactly what we’ve gone and been and done! Our new universal utility, ‘Word Soup: Word Game Solver Tools‘ for iPhone, iPod and iPad will be coming to the Apple App Store [...]

Please Excuse The Dust…

… Our much neglected website is getting a makeover! (In preparation for the launch of our new game. Shhhhhh! It’s a secret!)

Hungry Birdz Permanently Dropped to 99c

Originally priced at $2.99, we are permanently dropping the price of Hungry Birdz to 99 cents! Also, we have removed the FREE version of Hungry Birdz from the iTunes store for a couple of reasons; Firstly, we just think it’s [...]

So Am I A Game Developer Yet?

With our second original game release just out for sale and a brief moment to pause and reflect, we’re almost beginning to feel like we wouldn’t be cheating if we were to start describing ourselves as game developers! We’re very [...]

Stacked Sevens Gameplay Video!

We’ve made a gameplay video for our new iPhone and iPod Touch game, Stacked Sevens.. and here it is! We had to go for that handheld video look common to low budget horror movies since SharkTwo misplaced the head of [...]

Why There Probably Won’t Be A ‘Stacked Sevens FREE’

We’ve been asked if, like we did with Hungry Birdz, we will be releasing a free or lite version of Stacked Sevens. The answer, unfortunately, is ‘probably no’. Let me explain: Apple’s rules say that you can’t release a ‘demo’ [...]

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