Hungry Birdz Game Play Video – Survival Mode

Apple caught us a bit by surprise by putting Hungry Birdz through review in less than 3 days, so we’re still playing catch-up a bit here with our game play videos and stuff! Here’s a look at the frantic, finger [...]

Hungry Birdz Now Available!

It’s official! Hungry Birdz is now available for sale in the iTunes store! Direct Link:

Actually, Today is THE day!

We’ve just had confirmation from Apple that Hungry Birdz will be on sale worldwide within the next 24 hours. There are big, wide grins all round here at Shark Soup Studios! Now to get busy promoting it, so that people [...]

Today Is The Day!

Well, today is a big day for us! We submitted our first iPhone/iPod Touch game, Hungry Birdz, to Apple for review. Fingers crossed, that ought to mean it will be available on the appStore in about a week. Read all [...]


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