Hungry Birdz is FREE for a limited time!

Hungry Birdz is FREE for a limited time!

Our cute bird feeding ‘n’ fledging action game, Hungry Birdz, is now FREE for a limited time only on iTunes and App Stores everywhere! In Hungry Birdz, you must nurture your little chicks until they are ready to fly the [...]

Hungry Birdz Permanently Dropped to 99c

Originally priced at $2.99, we are permanently dropping the price of Hungry Birdz to 99 cents! Also, we have removed the FREE version of Hungry Birdz from the iTunes store for a couple of reasons; Firstly, we just think it’s [...]

Why There Probably Won’t Be A ‘Stacked Sevens FREE’

We’ve been asked if, like we did with Hungry Birdz, we will be releasing a free or lite version of Stacked Sevens. The answer, unfortunately, is ‘probably no’. Let me explain: Apple’s rules say that you can’t release a ‘demo’ [...]

Hungry Birdz now available at 99c

Hungry Birdz is now just over a month old, and is currently available at 99 cents, or the equivalent in your local iTunes store. Get it at this low price while you can!

Update Based On Player Feedback

We’d like to thank the few players that have contacted us with feedback in the last day or two. Keep it coming! We have today submitted an update to Hungry Birdz and Hungry Birdz FREE in response to that player [...]

Hungry Birdz Goes Cheep! err. Cheap!

SALE! We are surprised and delighted by response to the release of Hungry Birdz FREE – in just over one day, it’s reached the Top 100 Free Games in a number of countries, and Top 50 in others! To celebrate, [...]

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