Stacked Sevens is FREE for a limited time!

Stacked Sevens is FREE for a limited time!

Our tile based puzzle game, Stacked Sevens, available for your iDevice from the App Store and iTunes, is currently FREE for a limited time only! Get it while you can! Stacked Sevens is a completely original puzzle game that feels [...]

Stacked Sevens Gameplay Video!

We’ve made a gameplay video for our new iPhone and iPod Touch game, Stacked Sevens.. and here it is! We had to go for that handheld video look common to low budget horror movies since SharkTwo misplaced the head of [...]

Why There Probably Won’t Be A ‘Stacked Sevens FREE’

We’ve been asked if, like we did with Hungry Birdz, we will be releasing a free or lite version of Stacked Sevens. The answer, unfortunately, is ‘probably no’. Let me explain: Apple’s rules say that you can’t release a ‘demo’ [...]

Stacked Sevens Available on iTunes now!

Yes! It’s here! Our brand new game, Stacked Sevens, is now available on the iTunes app store for the paltry sum of 59p (or 99 cents)! Stacked Sevens on iTunes It showed up mere seconds ago, so if for some [...]

Done! But is someone trying to tell us something..?

Stacked Sevens is now uploaded to the iTunes Store for approval. Although, if we were given to paranoia, we might be inclined to think that someone is trying to tell us something… When we made the initial submission of our [...]

Stacked Sevens ‘Goes Gold’!

The final version of Stacked Sevens has just been compiled and is in the hands of our beta testers for one last bash – although they’ve had the latest build every time we’ve compiled one, so I don’t foresee any [...]

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